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Re: installation mess

Sylvain Le Gall Aug 17, 2012 1:45 AM
Posted in group: ocaml-core

2012/8/11 David Ziman <>:
> I pulled down changeset 139:8808e3a2571f . It appears that oasis is still a
> dependency for type-conv. Is there an ETA on this fix?

<With my OASIS upstream author hat>

I start to be a little bit concerned of this situation. I think I
should get rid of type-conv dependency. I would have preferred to keep
ocaml-data-notation depends on type-conv but it makes things more
complicated than needed (although, this only happens in the the dev
version of ocaml-core).

 Can type-conv people help me to migrate away from type-conv ? (ok
this look like a weird request, but I think it will help everyone).