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Re: [oalug] Utopia - was Meeting May 29th, Presenters needed

Jonathan Karras May 29, 2012 7:33 PM
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Sorry to reply to myself but I finally found another link I was going
to include. This is mostly just informational.

The link above is to a fiber map from Utopia's RFP site. The area
where service is available is where it was built out 5+ years ago with
the original money. If you live in that area now you can get service
today. Section LA003 had 4-5 horizontal drilling machines pulling
large amounts of conduit through it in early March. So work is well
underway. I do also know there was ~15 week lead times on the large
count fiber that Utopia needed back at the first of the year.

The blue lines running North and South are the backbone fiber
connecting Layton to the other Utopia cities. As you can see from this
map there was no further backbone fiber run in the city with the
original money from nearly 10 years ago. Now the new money that Utopia
is using right now to build out various locations is from broadband
stimulus money provided by the federal government to connect schools,
hospitals, libraries, and other government buildings. By using this
money to pay for backbone build out (in addition to connection of
those buildings) the expensive part of the network is built.


On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 8:12 PM, Jonathan Karras <> wrote:
> Just guessing but it probably has more to do with Utopia having almost
> all of Layton under construction these days. It seems like you can't
> turn around without seeing a directional boring machine or 5 in use. I
> imagine its because there is already utility permits out to the Utopia
> contractors that would conflict with routes Comcast would want to
> take. Once work is done in a location of conflict they will probably
> issue new permits. Just assuming here. I know Comcast ran new fiber to
> my place of employment in Layton just last November.
> Also if roads are crossed there are building moratoriums that
> typically go from Oct 15 - April 15th.
> As to the $3000 install price. If you take the 20 year payment plan
> for about $25/month. For 50/50 (notice the upload) you can get from
> Xmission for $35/month. So about $60/month and you get more upload
> which for a business is going to be what you want. If you were to pay
> the $3000 up front you would only be paying $35/month for that 50/50
> service. There is an article that explains some about the install fee.
> If you were buying Comcast business class services they would also
> charge for build out of the fiber typically. That is unless they see a
> financial benefit to installing the lines.
> Jonathan
> On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 12:32 PM, Shane Rose <> wrote:
>> I was researching other ISP's when I found out about Comcast, Layton City
>> will not approve any permits for Comcast to do new buildings, only Utopia.
>> So Layton City will not allow any other ISP to pull fiber to new buildings.
>> Does that make more sense?
>> Thank you,
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>> On Tuesday, May 29, 2012 09:24:33 AM Shane Rose wrote:
>>> Here is another tid bit, when I was researching something else because
>>> Utopia was so far out on the time line, I looked into Comcast and
>>> decided to go with Comcast, but anything new Layton City will not
>>> approve any other business to put anything in the ground except
>>> Utopia, they will  not approve a permit.  I got this directly from the
>>> Comcast guy that does new construction.
>> Can you restate this.  I don't follow exactly what you are saying.
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