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AW: [nRoute] Re: REQUEST: Little performance enhancement of containers

Gerhard Kreuzer Feb 10, 2011 5:23 AM
Posted in group: nRoute
Hi Rishi,

I just have a button on the left side and a StatefulNavigationContainer on
the right side.
After putting all together and overriding OnInitialize and ... putting
Debug.Print-statements inside just to have some list, how my app is working,
I found, that every click on the same button fires all that stuff, which may
include complex de/rehydrating, maybe nested, also if there is no change of
the content of the StatefulNavigationContainer, because the correct view is
there, and some silly user (called Gerhard) just clicking the button for no
reason (like a monkey).

With best regards


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Betreff: [nRoute] Re: REQUEST: Little performance enhancement of containers

I don't think that's true as none of navigation containers re-use an
instance of a view - they are always regenerated.

On Feb 10, 2:20 pm, "Gerhard Kreuzer" <>
> Hi,
> Rishi, I finally found out, that if the user clicks a navigation link, but
> the associated view is still present, the whole stuff (New, OnInitialize
> ...) is fired, but for nothing, because the view is up to date and was
> destroyed.
> Maybe you can build in some check to prevent this actions, because complex
> views with sub views holding sub containers making heavily use of the
> de/re-hydration can couse lot of system burden just for nothing.
> Thanks a lot.
> With best regards
> Gerhard
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