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A little accident with the Nooku documentation generator script

Arunas Mazeika Aug 9, 2010 7:22 AM
Posted in group: Nooku Framework
Hello guys,

Last Friday I was about to generate the Nooku Framework documentation
(from my local trunk working copy) and I almost lost my whole personal
directory while using the script located in the /scripts/docs
directory of the trunk (revision 2353).

It was kind of my fault since it was 19h already, I was really tired
and I didn't even cared to review the script actions. I just went in
and changed some paths including the TGT_DIR which I set to point to
my home directory. When I launched the script, I got a little nervous
after 30 secs since the PC seemed to be doing a lot of HDD access. I
went to my home directory and noticed that folders were actually being
deleted. I canceled the process immediately of course and then noticed
the "rm -fr ${TGT_DIR}/" in the script.

Lucky me that I have BackupPC (sort of time machine for unix)
constantly running and I recovered all my lost data by restoring the
10AM  snapshot of that day, so no harm done. However, I would really
suggest you to add a line for creating a directory on top of the
TGT_DIR variable, e.g. nooku_doc, and delete that folder instead
before actually generating the documentation on it. This will
certainly avoid this from happening again to someone else.

I started programming on Nooku last Friday, a little hard at the
beginning, but I'm finding my way through by looking at the examples
and the API documentation. I'm getting used to the new architecture,
naming conventions, classes, etc. At this time I'm still learning the
basics, so providing suggestions on how to improve the framework is
still a little out of my league. On the other hand, I look forward to
help you on documenting the framework (by adding wiki entries), and
perhaps provide some examples on how to implement this or that, etc.

Thank you for this wonderful framework.

Kind regards,