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Re: [nodejs] Re: Secure distribution of NodeJS applications

Dean Landolt Feb 27, 2012 6:02 AM
Posted in group: nodejs

On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 6:57 AM, Jeremy Rudd <> wrote:
> There is no such thing as a javascript binary. The code included with node
> is stored in string format in the node executable.

No worries, what if the code was compiled via V8, and then stored as a
data file?
Whatever format it is in, if you could just load the same datafile you
would'nt need
the source code again.

> In my opinion, this is not a Node problem to solve. Obfuscation/source code
> hiding is an opportunity for a third party to make a native module to
> encrypt/decrypt source files.

You don't need to encrypt the source if you can just work with the
intermediate data format. See above.

> Most of us are standing on the shoulders of giants. This is why node is so
> great. But yet, we are selling software touting features that are really a
> gift from the Node community, and that we got for mostly free.

I'm sorry to sound capitalistic, but sometimes you need to make
commercial products for clients that are willing to pay.

I was trying to keep my mouth shut but this is just too much. This short sentence is comically fallacious. To start with, if your clients are so willing to pay why are you bending over backwards to obfuscate? And nothing is stopping you from making commercial products -- certainly not node's license. This was addressed a few different ways in this thread, I'm not sure why you've chosen to ignore it. But more fundamentally: capitalism, like any economic system, is about the efficient allocation of resources in the face of scarcity. Once you've written your software it's no longer scarce. And please don't conflate capitalism with intellectual property -- the two are quite different.
If my work
could be protected in such a case, it would help me.

Then do the damn legwork yourself. Node has a wonderfully liberal license -- and that's a very good thing. Frankly it's developers like you that are to blame for the scourge of GPL software. Do what you will with the code, but you could benefit from trying to grok why you're getting the kind of responses you're seeing. 
And yes, nodeJS
is a great gift, and I would look into giving whatever else I create

> Bitching cause the Node creators were generous enough to share their work
> with you, but  not  cheap enough to lock it down is ludicrous.

Sorry if I sounded like I was bitching, I was just trying to make
NodeJS a more professional platform: .NET, Java, Flash all allow you
to 'compile' your app in some way and so I was just asking if
something like this could be implemented for node.

More "professional"? Wow. Again, it wouldn't hurt to read up on the culture around open source -- if nothing else, it'll help you avoid getting flamed by saying things like this.