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The Future of Programming in Node.js

Isaac Schlueter Aug 13, 2013 10:57 AM
Posted in group: nodejs
There's been a lot of debates, theories, and requests about Node's
core API patterns on this list lately.  I'd like to clarify the actual
plans of the project on these points.

Callbacks will remain the de facto way to implement asynchrony.
Generators and Promises are interesting and will remain a userland

Streams are more consistent, faster, and 100% backwards compatible as
of 0.10.  The "compatibility mode" aka "old mode" is folded into the
API more cleanly.  You can `pause()` a flowing stream, and then start
calling `read()` again safely.  We'll keep exposing streams from core
APIs, and advocating extending the stream base classes in userland

Domains will be refactored to support more generic
continuation-tracking systems, to enable alternative error-handling
mechanisms in userland.  Eventually the Domain module will be a thing
that could be done in userland, but it will continue to be bundled
with the Node binary.

There will be no changes to the module system.  None.  It's finished.
It's been finished for over a year.  Any proposed changes must come
with a clear reproducible bug that cannot be worked around or
addressed with documentation.

TypeScript and CoffeeScript will not be added to core.  However, as
the module system will remain locked, anything that works today will
keep working.

A stable C API shim will be added such that binary addons can be
code-stable (and perhaps, binary-stable) across stable branches of
Node for the most common use-cases.  Note that the V8 API changed
*significantly* in 0.12, so basically every binary addon is broken
today.  Also, it's very difficult to bind to the appropriate
openssl/zlib/c-ares/etc.  We're addressing that.

As new language features are added to V8, they'll make their way into
Node.  We have no plans to "auto-enable" any specific flags.  Sniff
for what you need, and throw with a helpful error message if it's not

The VM module is being refactored to bring the features of the
"contextify" module into core, so that contexts work like everyone
expects that they should.  Multi-context support is being added to the
VM module API as well.

Synchronous child process execution is being added, at long last.

v0.12 is nearing feature completion.  Once we get there, we'll be
trying to get everyone to use it.  After v0.12, there will probably
not be any API changes before v1.0.  Between v0.12 and v1.0, we'll be
focusing on performance, bug fixing, and stability.

We are done making breaking changes at the Node.js layer.  If your
program runs today, we're doing everything we can to make sure that it
will run next year, albeit faster and more reliably.

This is not a democracy.  However, there's plenty of room for
everyone's opinion.  If you want to make exciting dramatic breaking
changes to node-core, and you can't find satisfaction by writing
userland npm modules, then please fork joyent/node, give it a new name
and logo, and go as completely crazy as you want.