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Version 0.6.16 (stable)

Isaac Schlueter Apr 30, 2012 11:15 AM
Posted in group: nodejs
2012.04.30 Version 0.6.16 (stable)

* Upgrade V8 to

* Upgrade npm to 1.1.18

* Windows: add mappings for UV_ENOENT (Bert Belder)

* linux: add IN_MOVE_SELF to inotify event mask (Ben Noordhuis)

* unix: call pipe handle connection cb on accept() error (Ben Noordhuis)

* unix: handle EWOULDBLOCK (Ben Noordhuis)

* map EWOULDBLOCK to UV_EAGAIN (Ben Noordhuis)

* Map ENOMEM to UV_ENOMEM (isaacs)

* Child process: support the `gid` and `uid` options (Bert Belder)

* test: cluster: add worker death event test (Ben Noordhuis)

* typo in node_http_parser (isaacs)

* http_parser: Eat CRLF between requests, even on connection:close.
(Ben Noordhuis)

* don't check return value of unsetenv (Ben Noordhuis)

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