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Readline proposal.

Colton B Feb 14, 2012 6:30 PM
Posted in group: nodejs-dev

This is a follow up for #2737.

I have talked with @indutny, and we have agreed on the following as changes for the readline module.

Closing the input with this.input.destroy() would not be sufficient to solve the problem with the readline module hanging when it's closed. This is because returning a new interface from rl.resume() would cause users to have to reassign the interface. For example: var rl = rl.resume(); rl.prompt();, instead of rl.prompt() (where prompt would cause the stream to resume on its own).

We think it would be best to get rid of rl.close() altogether, and instead use only rl.pause() and rl.resume().rl.pause() and rl.resume() will also emit a pause and resume event, in case users may want to trigger some functionality when the stream is paused or resumed.

This will not effect a user wanting to catch the SIGINT event when running readline, as readline already emits a SIGINT event if there is one present. If there is not a SIGINT event to be emitted, it then defaults to attempting to close the stream (which will be changed to a pause in the proposal).

Feedback, disagreements, or commentary welcome.