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Announcing a program to make life easier!!!

Larry Wall Nov 9, 1984 5:25 PM
Posted in group: net.bugs
New!!!  From "Off the Wall" Software, an automatic patch applier.

About a week ago I got fed up with people not putting patches into rn,
so I decided to eliminate the biggest excuse.  If you will look for the
program "patch" in net.sources, you will find a program that will:

* Apply ed diffs.

* Apply normal diffs!

* Apply context diffs!!!

* Attempt to compensate when the line numbers are wrong on context diffs, and
    to a lesser extent on normal diffs.

* Strip out one or more patches from the middle of an article and apply
    each of them.

* Check out files from RCS or SCCS to be patched.

* Check that the file to be patched is the proper revision level.


In particular, it frees software distributors (like me) to post smaller
patches because we only need to send the context diff.  Not only will it
reduce your editing chores considerably, but it will apply as much of the
patch as it can even when you have munged up the original.

Check it out.

Larry Wall