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Re: [Neo4j] Neo4j JDBC driver

Peter Neubauer Dec 15, 2011 12:27 PM
Posted in group: Neo4j
Extremely cool.

This cries for a cool screenshot in the README, much like . WDYT?


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brew install neo4j && neo4j start
heroku addons:add neo4j

On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 6:53 AM, Rickard Öberg
<> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I've been working on a Neo4j JDBC driver for some time now, and I
> would now like to get some feedback on how it works. You can find it
> here:
> You can either get the source and build it yourself, or download it
> from the following URL:
> Instructions on how to use it are at the GitHub project. Tested with
> DbVisualizer, LibreOffice, IntelliJ 11 Database Support, and as ODBC
> source in Windows using the Easysoft ODBC-JDBC Gateway.
> There's a ton of questions that I'm interested in hearing from you about:
> * Right now it uses "type nodes" to achieve tables. Is this ok, or are
> there other approaches that would be better?
> * What tools should I test it with? So far each tool has required a
> custom "quirks mode", so this is vital to know!
> * Driver is now read-only, as Cypher (as underlying query language) is
> read-only. Is this a big problem, or is the driver still useful for
> reporting purposes?
> * Authentication modes? Basic auth should work out of the box, but
> other than that what do people use?
> And so on... for those who need a JDBC driver, please try it out and
> let me know how it works for you!
> regards, Rickard