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Bugs (CPU, Router view, Audio driver related)

Евгений Бабин Jan 5, 2012 12:00 PM
Posted in group: neil_sequencer_group
First, forgive me if I need to use a bugtracker or something.
I am not very aware of how to do this right, but willing to use my efforts to fix them by myself.

So here is the list. From the most important to lowest.

1. Router view.
1.1. All machines show signs of activity while being totally idle. Which eats a lot of CPU as well (60-200%).
1.2. While playing a song, again, high CPU usage (>100%) when looking on router view. Switching to sequencer view for instances reduces usage to 50-70%.

2. Audio driver.
2.1. Sometimes, after opening a song I hear some kind of stuttering of some machines.. Something like a noise in an analogue telephone line. But the CPU usage doesn't increase 70%. Changing the audio driver option vice/versa solves this.
2.2. Also sometimes, when loading Neil I am getting "Unable to open audio device" message. But it was playing well with the same device before closing it!

Now the Specs about my PC:

Audio driver (what I see in device config):
hw:SB Audigy 1 ES [SB0160],0
hw:SB Audigy 1 ES [SB0160],3

CPU: P4 Celeron 2.8 MHZ single core.
Memory: 1GB.

Operating system: Ubuntu 11.10 with pulseaudio removed.
Video card driver: radeon (open source).

I would really like the performance issue to be solved and willing to do this by myself if needed. I have no python knowledge bug very good at programming in general.
I would like to hear on where to look at or where to start looking.