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What I really LIKE about MyLifeOrganized!

Andrey Tkachuk (MLO) Nov 26, 2013 4:20 AM
Posted in group: MyLifeOrganized
Please post here a few lines about what you really LIKE about
MyLifeOrganized application.

The happy users are usually quiet and enjoying the software. The
unhappy are posting new feature requests :-)

So let’s keep the balance here – say us what you are using in MLO and
what we did right. Your posts in this thread will help us to
understand what features are frequently used and implemented the right
Newbie may get new information from real users about MLO from this

This thread is moderated and all discussions not related to the subject will be deleted/moved to other threads.


P.S. And as always you can say what you want to be improved in other
forum threads, feature requests etc.