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Input Configuration for Xbox 360 Linux Userspace Driver (xboxdrv)

M Aug 2, 2011 11:38 PM
Posted in group: mupen64plus

I created an Input Config for a Xbox 360 controller running with
xboxdrv on a Linux system (

Z = Left shoulder button
L = Left shoulder trigger
A = A Button
B = X Button

everything else should be obvious.

[Xbox Gamepad (userspace driver)]
plugged = True
plugin = 2
mouse = False
DPad R = button(3)
DPad L = button(2)
DPad D = button(1)
DPad U = button(0)
Start = button(13)
Z Trig = button(8)
B Button = button(6)
A Button = button(4)
C Button R = axis(2+)
C Button L = axis(2-)
C Button D = axis(3+)
C Button U = axis(3-)
R Trig = button(9)
L Trig = button(10)
Mempak switch =
Rumblepak switch =
X Axis = axis(0-,0+)
Y Axis = axis(1-,1+)

Unfortunately, you will also have to make some configuration to
xboxdrv to make this work properly. xboxdrv has to be started with the
following config file. The "-as-button" options make sure that the D-
Pad and Trigger are emulated as buttons and the deadzone options make
the C buttons work much better.
The guide=KEY_ESC allows you to quit the emulator by pressing the
guide key on the controller. This is obviously just nice-to-have and
not actually neccessary for the config to work.