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Update to /api/2.0/engage data export endpoint

Geddes Munson Nov 12, 2012 6:18 PM
Posted in group: mp-dev
Hello - 

Today (Nov 12, 2012), we released a change to People Analytics API. Specifically, responses from the /api/2.0/engage and endpoint now includes a virtual $last_seen property.

The $last_seen property reflects the last time a people record was updated. We are only tracking updates that have happened since today so many of your people records will not have a $last_seen set. $last_seen will automatically be updated whenever you update a user's people record. 

To update a record without bumping the $last_seen, you can use the /engage endpoint of our data insertion API, with the following entry in the root dictionary:
send $ignore_time = true:

For example, the following dictionary would update a property for a user without updating their $last_seen:

'$token': '123abc',
'$distinct_id': '789',
'$ignore_time': true,
'$set' {
'property': 'value'

Any questions about this can be directed to


Geddes Munson
Solutions @ Mixpanel