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Re: The (Overdue) Need for Community Conduct Standards at Mozilla

Justin Dolske Mar 10, 2012 12:16 AM
Posted in group: mozilla.governance
On 3/9/12 9:11 PM, L. David Baron wrote:

> "Have a policy" and "have an explicit policy" are two different
> things.  In many cases Mozilla has quite succesfully used informal
> policy:  writing things down formally only when events show they
> need to be written down.  In many cases it's been sufficient to have
> non-normative descriptions of the way things work rather than a
> normative text.

Yes. This. +1. Etc.

> [...]Whatever the policy is, there
> are going to be hard cases near the boundary, many of which the
> policy's authors didn't forsee.  Building consensus around a written
> policy requires building consensus that that boundary is in the
> right place.
> In many cases this can be alleviated somewhat by making the policy
> more vague.  Which in turn returns to a continuum back from "have an
> explicit policy" towards "have a policy".

Again with the +1/this/RT!

We should have something general enough that it's not trying to
micromanage behavior. But also something specific enough that it's not a
wishy-washy, watered-down policy. (Although even the latter might be a
better starting point than "no policy".)