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Re: MDN/Kuma development update

Raymond Etornam Agbeame Apr 27, 2012 11:18 AM
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+1 to that .


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Sent: Friday, April 27, 2012 11:14:49 AM
Subject: Re: MDN/Kuma development update

So, how about we shoot for something like the following:

smaller, "informal" testing periods (24-48 hours) of a specific code release: May 4, May 18, June 8, June 15
Organized feature test days: June 1 & June 22

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From: "Raymond Etornam Agbeame" <>
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Hi All,

I suggest we have informal test periods on staging before releases for smaller featues ( usually on Friday) and schedule bigger test days for multiple features on production.


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I like that idea. I'm cc'ing Raymond since he's probably not on the
list. He'll organize the WebQA stuff.

Raymond, what do you think - informal test periods after releases AND a
couple of big test days?


On 4/26/12 11:46 AM, Ali Spivak wrote:
> I'm leaning towards option 3 - have smaller, more "informal" test periods after each release that focus on testing a sub-set of code/features that were in a specific release (or bundle 2 releases together, so we test at 2 week intervals as opposed to every week), and then doing a few big test days to really bang on the specific user/feature sets. Thoughts on this approach?
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> Subject: Re: MDN/Kuma development update
> We're developing Kuma in shadow release, so it's already live on both
> MDN staging ( and production
> (though only for specific users, if you want to test in production, let
> me know and I'll add you to the list).
> To test Kuma on staging, go to
> - the "New Wiki Feature Preview" section. The list of all pages shows
> the "top 50" pages that we continuously migrate from MindTouch to Kuma.
> WARNING: The wiki pages on stage9 are from old data and there's also
> plenty of junk data in there. Whatever edits you make to Kuma pages will
> be blown away by the next migration run. And there are bugs. It's a
> staging server, after all. :)
> We'll soon have a (working) dev server at
> We're using a release train model like Firefox; we release weekly on
> Tuesday. So, code flows like so:
> Nightly/Development: (5 minutes after landing in
> kuma/master)
> Beta/Staging: (Tuesday)
> Release/Production: (next Tuesday after Staging)
> Here's a few ways we could do test days:
> 1. Weekly test day every Friday(?) for the features released to staging
> on Tuesday
> 2. Periodic test days (bi-weekly?) for specific user/feature-sets
> (translation, KumaScript templates, etc.)
> 3. All of the above
> 4. Something else
> Having said all that, I'll now gladly leave it to Ali to set up the test
> days however is best for everyone.
> /me goes back to fixing
> -L