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Re: Mozilla mathml project to be interred

Robert O'Callahan Aug 23, 2009 4:02 PM
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On 21/8/09 10:34 AM, net-buoy wrote:
> I am not arguing the position prsentred (I have been watching the work
> on menclose because of long div issues and know how much work just
> that piece took) but felt it was important for people to know what is
> being said, as sometimes perception is more important than reality....
> If nothing else, the project needs updating...

Yeah, we should update the pages to reflect reality. Maybe Karl can do that.

Mozilla staff are currently maintaining our MathML support (i.e.,
keeping it working as other things change around it) and willing to
review and land contributions to improve it, but we aren't going to
invest in any major improvements until MathML becomes a lot more popular
on the Web. We already support a very large subset of MathML and there's
just no point in extending that until people start using what we've
already implemented.

Actually there is one major improvement for MathML coming as a side
effect when we transition to the new HTML5-spec-based parser; you will
be able to write MathML in non-XML HTML documents. That will make MathML
far more usable on the Web.