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Re: Chinese Root Certificates

Stephen Schultze Aug 28, 2010 10:56 AM
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On 8/28/10 1:16 PM, Eddy Nigg wrote:
>   On 08/28/2010 07:58 PM, From Nelson Bolyard:
>> But I think that cutting off the flow of information isn't the right way
>> to promote the free and open flow of information. :-/
> In any case entering into politics can become very quickly a slippery
> slope. I think we shouldn't go there....
> However I do believe that is room for thought regarding declared
> governmental CAs or those acting on behalf of a government. This would
> affect all such CAs equally.

Agreed on all points.

I would add to the list reconsideration of CAs which are subject to
jurisdiction of regimes that have demonstrated a willingness and ability
to force those under their control to compromise security without
reasonable judicial oversight.  This is also a generalizable principle
not specific to any country (and, I think, consistent with Mozilla's
security principles).