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XULRunner future and ownership

Benjamin Smedberg Jul 29, 2015 11:30 AM
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The Mozilla project no longer sees XULRunner as a priority project. It's
not core to advancing the open web or any of our current or planned

As Ben Hearsum noted a couple weeks ago, we are turning off automated
XULRunner builds and so XULRunner will probably quickly cease to work.
In order to keep XULRunner in the tree, we need an owner who wants to
keep it building and running properly. Currently, I am the nominal owner
of the XULRunner code, but I have no desire to do this work or even
really to review the necessary patches. I am looking to see whether
there is an alternate owner who is interested in the task of keeping
XULRunner building and running properly and reviewing patches to
XULRuner-specific code. Please contact me if you want to nominate
yourself or somebody else for this role.

If I do not find a suitable owner in the next two weeks, I intend to
remove the XULRunner code from the mozilla-central repository on 14-August.