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Re: hardware-accelerated audio/video decoding in Gecko (bug 714408)

Justin Dolske Mar 12, 2012 1:54 PM
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On 3/12/12 1:24 PM, Christopher Blizzard wrote:

>> Rather that just rehashing the same arguments, I'd like to ask what's
>> changed such that we need to reopen this issue?
> We've only seen format adoption on youtube. Basically everyone else uses
> H.264 & Flash. There are occasional exceptions, but it's not getting
> better with time.

Who is "everyone"?

I think it _has_ gotten better with time... When we started H.264 was
everywhere and there was no other option. Now YouTube is available in
WebM (no small feat!), Bing uses Theora for video backgrounds on their
front page, and now even the IE Blog is touting IE10 with WebM.

The state of HTML5 video started off from a bad place, and to be fair
still isn't in a good place. So reassessing Mozilla stance is not

But I think if Mozilla is going to do an about-face on open video
standards (and it _is_ an about-face), then there should be some serious
discussion about it. Certainly more than than a few terse words saying
it's hopeless and obvious. That makes it sound more like a half-hearted
notification of a decision that's already final.

At the very least, it needs to be explained enough so the community can
understand the change. We spent a lot of time and made a lot of blog
posts about why H.264 was bad for the web. Leaving those who advocated
for us suddenly high-and-dry doesn't feel like the right thing to do.