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Make writing tests fun

Joel Stover Aug 11, 2011 9:34 AM
Posted in group:
> FWIW, I've been banging the drum (but not my editor, alas) on a
> "domshell" for some time: it'd let you load a page, construct the DOM,
> and whack at it with script, without requiring a window or the
> rendering system or the rest of the browser.  Would need to
> parameterize things like window size and so forth, but I think it
> would carve deeply into the cycle time for developers working on
> content features, and probably help with our automated test time, too.
Yes. This.

In the spirit of creating something that moves us forward, I've started a
brainstorming etherpad with this idea and some of my own:

It's worth noting that the details matter. I know we devs tend to think of
ourselves as very practical and rationally minded, but the longer I make
stuff the more I am convinced that an emotional feeling of using these tools
is crucial to a happy developer. So let's get some ideas, and I'll be happy
to file some bugs!