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Re: Firefox Nightly for Android users will be updated to Native UI on Tuesday (2011-11-22)

Tim Taubert Nov 18, 2011 9:19 AM
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On 11/18/11 7:28 AM, Mark Finkle wrote:
> Then you should move to Aurora. We can't seriously wait for Sync to be
> ready before getting nightly testers using the new application.

IMHO we should use the Nightly channel to (hopefully not but maybe)
break stuff and get useful feedback in the early phase of a feature. It
seems like lots of people want it to be a lot stabler than it was
actually intended. There needs to be some kind of testing space for
early stuff.

While I don't consider a browser without Sync really useful (anymore)
I'd definitely vote for moving Birch to the Nighty channel because that
seems just like a reasonable thing to do even if it's not feature
complete, yet.