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Re: The future of binary embedding

Benjamin Smedberg Apr 7, 2011 12:35 PM
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On 4/7/11 9:29 AM, wrote:
> Benjamin,
> 1) I'm unclear of the impacts of removing gtkmozembed.  Can you please clarify which APIs and functionality will be impacted?  For example, will XRE_InitEmbedding go away with these near-term changes?
gtkmozembed is the code in embedding/browser/gtk and primarily the
functions in gtkmozembed.h. XRE_InitEmbedding is not affected.
> 2) I too rebuild mozilla for a special xulrunner application that plays nicely with legacy gtk+/wx applications to provide an embedded browser.  However, I utilize a wrapper for my access - wxWebConnect which is supported by Kirix:
> Will the changes you identify here impact that project and the apis/utilities they use?
I don't know, that depends on how they do their embedding. But of
course, if they use gtkmozembed, they can import that code and continue
to use and maintain it.
> 3) What is the timeframe for these changes?
Immediately for Firefox 5.