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Re: The future of binary embedding Feb 25, 2012 4:05 AM
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ben, there's a line of questioning that i'd like to engage you on.

please could you review the pyjd/ code, which you can find here:

the first question is this: how the heck is it possible that i could create, in under 3 weeks, an entire port of pyjamas-desktop to use the MSHTML IE engine, *without* requiring access to the proprietary MSHTML Trident Engine?

and, how come that pyjd MSHTML port works, without fail, utterly flawlessly, with the exact same MSHTML engine from IE6, IE7, IE8 _and_ IE9, and i have reasonable confidence that it will continue to work without fail, without modifications required, on *all* future versions of the MSHTML Trident Engine.

the key question is this: what is it about the microsoft technology that makes this possible?  this is not a rhetorical question.  this is not a sarcastic question.  i genuinely require that you actually think, ben, and find out the answer (hint: you already implement one.  or used to.  until it was pulled).

and if microsoft can do it, why can't the mozilla foundation?

more questions once you've answered the key question.