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Names for B2G Mar 5, 2012 12:12 PM
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Hello all -
   Given the talk in the talk in the company meeting about branding, I
was thinking about alternative names to B2G.  My  first thought was
something like Chameleon, as it is sort of like a larger gecko and can
change it's appearance easily.  Unfortunately Chameleon has been used as
a name for a variety of projects, including a Chameleon OS.  I then
extended the idea of changing appearance to shape shifting (no, we don't
want a Werewolf OS).  After reading a bit on Wikipedia on shape-shifting
myths, I thought of the swans from Swan Lake.  Odette is the Swan
Princess from the ballet, which might be interesting.  This lead to the
train of thought about baby swans/geese being ugly, but maturing into
something beautiful.  So, the initial stages of B2G could be called
Gosling.  Which would also be a  tribute or acknowledgement of B2G's
origins on Android, since Java was originally developed by James Gosling
at Sun.
   On another tangent, following the appearance changing theme, the
Arctic Fox changes its appearance from summer to winter and since Fennec
is in the same family as the Arctic Fox, it would be the generalized
outgrowth from Fennec.  I don't know if the name Arctic Fox has already
been co-opted inside Mozilla by the Fennec team.
   Riffing on the "Many Voices, One Mozilla" theme used at the blogging
brown bag is the idea of many platforms (browsers, devices, whatever),
one application that runs everywhere.  So that lead to Acapella (many
voices, standing alone) or Choir. Chorus may also be good (many voices,
standing behind), but there was ChorusOS (though I don't think it has
been in use in almost a decade).
   Finally, riffing on "Web is the platform", we could pick some spider
names.  Orb spiders make unique webs and have a distinctive appearance.  
Orb might be interesting.  Crab (or Flower) spiders change color
but I don't think "Crab" would be a good name :-), but maybe Flower.  
The Hawaiian Happy Face spider also changes color, depending on diet,
which ties to how B2G can change appearance depending on replacing
built-in apps.
   Anyways, just some ideas.
-Jim Straus