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Turning off win64 builds

Benjamin Smedberg Nov 16, 2012 10:11 AM
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The Windows 64-bit builds are a constant source of misunderstanding and
frustration, at least in the following ways:

* Many plugins are not available in 64-bit versions
* The plugins that are available don't work correctly in Firefox because
we haven't implemented things like windowproc hooking, which means that
hangs are more common
* Crashes submitted by 64-bit users are currently not high priority
because we are working on other things.
** This is frustrating for users because they feel (and are!) second-class.
** It is also frustrating for stability team triage because crash-stats
does not easily distinguish between 32-bit and 64-bit builds  in the
topcrash lists and other reports. We basically ignore a set of nightly
"topcrashes" because they are 64-bit only. (See bug 811051).

For these reasons, I would like to propose that we disable the 64-bit
Windows nightly builds. We should publish a custom update to move
current win64 nightly users back onto win32.

I also think we should consider disabling the win64 builders completely,
but I'm also willing to shelve that proposal for another time if it is
controversial. If we *don't* disable win64 hourlies, I plan on adding
--disable-plugins to their configuration.


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