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Re: Return of the padlock icon (re: bug 742419)

Matthew Turnbull Apr 24, 2012 5:35 PM
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On 04/24/2012 07:23 PM, Art Kocsis wrote:
> So, again, misguided form wins out over function. The favicon in the
> location bar is there for more than looks - it is, among other things,
> it is the hook that enables dragging the URL to the desktop,
> bookmarks, toolbars, other windows, other groups, etc. In some cases,
> dragging the tab exhibits an identical behavior (drag to toolbar),
> sometimes different (drag to anther window MOVES, not COPIES, the URL)
> and is entirely non-existent (drag to desktop).

There is still an icon on the identity block, and it can still be
dragged around to bookmark the page (and so on). As far as I can tell,
no functionality has been lost; this was a purely visual change.

But you would have known that, if you tested it out.