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Re: Return of the padlock icon (re: bug 742419)

Justin Wood (Callek) Apr 28, 2012 1:24 AM
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beltzner wrote:
> On Friday, April 27, 2012 3:16:18 AM UTC-4, Paul [sabret00the] wrote:
>> Though sadly, I feel that the general feelings I've seen conveyed of those observing the evolution path of Firefox is that the UX team is simply going to trust in the research and decisions the Chrome team is making and blindly follow them.
> While I disagree with your conclusion, and find it a little spurious, I humbly suggest that it's a broader matter for a different thread.
> Jared actually got back to me in private email - he feels that this thread has already wandered pretty far into the weeds. Essentially, though, what he said was:
>  * actually no, the UX team hadn't spoken with Johnath or anyone about what had led to the creation of Larry, but they will definitely do so now that it's been brought to their attention
>  * the padlock icon was chosen primarily to differentiate between "non-http" and "http", and secondarily to provide a consistent metaphor between all browsers for that concept
> I replied to Jared re-iterating the point that while consistency in metaphor is important, the over-interpretation of the specific metaphor (lock) has been proven to be problematic. I also gave him my suggestion which was to use Larry instead of a padlock, keeping the metaphor of "identity" instead. He said that the UX team would discuss this.
> And now you all know!

Any chance you can request the UX team to send a notice to this
group/list if they make a decision either to keep the lock, or to switch
to a different Larry Metaphor.

More as a "Hey thanks for the feedback, this is what we're planning"
rather than "Lets bikeshed" in my eyes. That may be asking too much
though, and if so I respect that and will accept that.

~Justin Wood (Callek)