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Re: Return of the padlock icon (re: bug 742419)

Art Kocsis Apr 24, 2012 4:23 PM
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At 4/24/2012 06:51 AM, you wrote:
>Bug 742149 was filed with the laudable aim to improve the design of the
>Firefox "identity block," in order to further streamline the user
>interface, reduce redundancy in the design, and move towards the future
>look and feel of Firefox.
>A mockup of the design work was provided by the inestimable Stephen
>Two of the major changes in the design are:
>  - removing the favicon from the Location Bar (it's already in the tab)
So, again, misguided form wins out over function. The favicon in the
location bar is there for more than looks - it is, among other things, it
is the hook that enables dragging the URL to the desktop, bookmarks,
toolbars, other windows, other groups, etc. In some cases, dragging the tab
exhibits an identical behavior (drag to toolbar), sometimes different (drag
to anther window MOVES, not COPIES, the URL) and is entirely non-existent
(drag to desktop).

This demo UI looks "clean"  ... and is totally unworkable. In the top line,
a sub-minimal set of toolbar icons and a very small number of tabs are
crowded together while the next line is almost entirely taken up by the
location window. Is this totally dedicated space? Will this bar be
"customizable" and allow additional icons? What happens when there are more
than 5-6 tabs? There is no space left for titles. BTW, most of the world
looks at the tab titles/descriptions to determine the page, not the URL.
Anyway, tabs should be built into FF in a side panel which can be
completely user resizable with a mouse drag (from zero to full width), such
as with TabKit, Vertical Tabs or Opera.

The functionality and usability of FF is, not so slowly, being chipped away
until soon there will be nothing left but a blank screen. Might as well go
back to the DOS prompt.

>I am actually a great fan of change, and am not putting on a robe and
>wizard hat and yelling "THOU SHALL NOT PASS, HURRRRR!"  I am, however,
>wondering if anyone took the time to speak to the various members of the
>Mozilla community responsible for a very intentional move *away* from the
>padlock icon for mission-related reasons regarding promoting a clearer
>understanding of user security on the web.
I doubt it. What I have observed is that time and time again a single
developer unilaterally decides to change or block something because that is
the way he wants it and, obviously, that is the way the world should
follow. Those of us that do not use full screen and have more than one
sheet of paper on our desks, want a full set of controls and functions
available with a single click or don't want to chase the latest UI fad are
just SOOL.

Namaste',  Art