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Change in error code reporting in the last few days?

Derek Chen-Becker Apr 24, 2012 2:47 PM
Posted in group: mongodb-user
I'm running a nightly (2012-04-20) of mongodb locally and if I do something wrong during an aggregate, I get back ok, errmsg, and code as properties of the result object:

    "errmsg" : "exception: $unwind:  value at end of field path must be an array",
    "code" : 15978,
    "ok" : 0

But on a fresh build from master I'm getting:

    "result" : [ ],
    "ok" : 0,
    "errmsg" : "-- mongod pipeline failed: { errmsg: \"exception: $unwind:  value at end of field path must be an array\", code: 15978, ok: 0.0 }"

It appears that the error result is being embedded inside the outer errmsg string. I'm trying a new build locally on my laptop to see if this is just strangeness on the server.