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Re: multiple mongodb instances on a single server

eak Mar 27, 2012 7:22 AM
Posted in group: mongodb-user
I accidentally posted this as a new thread.


We are trying to build a "shared cluster" of Mongo servers. Given
something like this:

Environment1                  Environment2             Environment3
Appserver1                       AppServer2                 Appserver3
mongos                            mongos                       mongos
config-svr                          config-svr                    config-svr

We will have a mongos and a configserver for each individual
We will have a shared cluster of mongo servers.

host 1: Primary(shard1);Primary(shard4);Primary(shard7))
host 2: Primary(shard2);Primary(shard5);Secondary(shard7);Arbiter(shard7);
host 3: Primary(shard3);Primary(shard6);Secondary(shard7);Arbiter(shard7);

The intent is to start with 3 environments, then grow to 6 environments, none of which will have high availability. They are just
small pre-production environments to use for multiple projects. Environment 4-6 will look just like 1-3.

Then add a 7th environment that will be very close to production state with high availability with a Shard with Replicas. Environment 7 will
look like 1-3 but will all be running the same app and sharing an HA shard/replica DB instance across all 3 nodes of the cluster.

Does this make sense? Is it possible? What problems will we have trying to manage and maintain it?

Thank you!

On Friday, March 16, 2012 10:35:40 AM UTC-4, eak wrote:
We are building a number of pre-production environments to support the
development process for a new application. We are considering taking 3
servers each running config-svr, mongos and mongod and configuring a
multi-node instance for each pre-production environment (development,
system integration, user acceptance, performance testing, etc).

What kinds of challenges, road blocks, issues would be ahead of us if
we want to try and have multiple, seperate database instances for
different applications running on a shared set of mongo database

Thank you!