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Re: Modoboa 0.8.6 is available

Alain Perry Aug 30, 2011 8:13 AM
Posted in group: modoboa-users
On 30 août, 16:53, Antoine Nguyen <> wrote:
> That's one way to make things work... but I will provide you a more usable
> one ;-)

Thanks, but there's no urge for me right now :-)

> You're not the first person to report such problems. I'm wondering what is
> your environment (web server, etc)?

Apache 2.2.17 on Ubuntu Natty, Django 1.2.5 and python 2.7

> you haven't refresh it during previous migrations. There is a dedicated page
> in the admin interface. Can you go to Admin > Settings > Extensions and see
> if the extensions is enabled? Normally, you should see symlinks inside
> <modoboa_dir>/scripts/

First version I installed was 0.8.5, and I don't have a <modoboa_dir>/
scripts directory.
The extension is enabled in the admin panel.

> Thanks for your help :-)

Well, thanks for Modoboa :-)

Alain Perry