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[Mingw-users] Updated: msys-rebase-4.0.1_1-1

Charles Wilson Nov 16, 2011 8:12 PM
Posted in group: mingw-users
I've updated the msys-rebase package to the latest upstream version.
This is a major feature upgrade: rebase (and rebaseall) now can
optionally use a database file to record the results of previous rebase
operations, and avoid modifying DLLs that have no need of additional

Also, 'rebase -s -i' will show the current state of the DLLs with
entries in the database, and will also indicate whether any of the
actual DLLs' image base differs from the (presumed) value recorded in
the database.

The rebase package set now includes a new -dev component, which provides
the 'rebase-dump.exe' tool that can be used to inspect the contents of
the database file directly.

To upgrade msys-rebase:

        mingw-get update
        mingw-get upgrade msys-rebase
        mingw-get install msys-rebase-dev


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