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Re: [Mifos-users] [Mifos-developer] Embedded Pentaho reports

Jakub Sławiński Apr 25, 2012 5:42 AM
Posted in group: Mifos Users


I enabled these options at our test server
( and uploaded the example report
prepared by Pawel.

Please run the "Active Loans" report and feel the new pentaho power
embedded in Mifos! You can now choose one of the following output formats:
 * RTF
 * XLS
 * PDF
 * CSV
 * XML

If you like it, we can for example embed all the reports from the Mifos
BI suite in the next major Mifos release.


On 04/20/2012 01:49 PM, Paweł Gesek wrote:
> Hello everybody
> It is now possible to upload and run Pentaho(.prpt) reports in Mifos the
> same way as Birt reports. This runs out of the box in the workspace
> server, but in a standard Jetty server JNDI has to be turned on. The
> changes that have to be made to 'start.ini' in jetty directory are:
> 1) Add 'plus' and 'annotations' to OPTIONS, so that it looks something
> like this:
> OPTIONS=Server,jsp,jmx,resources,websocket,ext,plus,annotations
> 2) Enable the plus configuration by adding the following line at the end:
> etc/jetty-plus.xml
> Mifos reports in the BI repo depend on localization property files, so
> when running these reports, labels will be missing. In order to resolve
> this, the missing properties files must be added to the report files
> themselves and settings.xml must be modified. I am attaching a sample
> report with properties(modified ActiveLoansLoanProduct.prpt from mifos-bi).
> I would be grateful if you would test out this functionality and provide
> feedback.
> Regards
> Paweł Gesek
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