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Re: DMO manually created for graph with wrapper?

Alessandro Angeli Sep 16, 2008 3:54 AM
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From: "mike"

> I have a DMO that I've created that I would like to use
> in a graph in a 2nd application.  I would like to not
> have to register the DMO but to create it while building
> the graph (create it internally to the 2nd application).
> It looks like the DMOWrapper can't take an instantiated
> COM object but a ref to a classid to create the object
> itself.  Is this the case?  Is it possible to create an
> instance of a DMO that's not registered and use it in a
> graph?

It's an undocomented behavior, but IDMOWrapperFilter::Init()
only uses the DMO's CLSID in CoCreateInstance() and ignores
the category GUID.

So you should be able to use
SEPARATE) to register the DMO's IClassFactory internally,
without globally registering the inproc server.

You can implement the class factory yourself or re-use the
implementation in the BaseClasses or in ATL and so on.

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