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Mezzanine 3.1 and Cartridge 0.9.3 released

Stephen McDonald Apr 18, 2014 5:13 PM
Posted in group: Mezzanine Users
Hi all,

I've just pushed both Mezzanine 3.1 and Cartridge 0.9.3 to PyPI. 

This is a huge release! Mezzanine 3.1 is really what 3.0 should have been, which has had quite a rocky road over the last few months - upgrading to Python 3.3, Django 1.6 and Bootstrap 3 all at once brought quite a few bugs along, but these have since been squashed and Mezzanine is very stable. 

Along with that, we've a bunch of cool new features too. Here's an overview of what 3.1 brings:

- New TweetableAdminMixin class for posting content directly to Twitter (blog uses this by default)
- Main content architecture docs have been overhauled:
- Thumbnails can now be generated with padded areas + configurable background colours
- Extra email recipients in forms builder can now have custom email templates
- Improved multi-site support in deployment fabfile
- Custom widgets configurable for forms builder via FORMS_EXTRA_WIDGETS setting
- Fix for long outstanding bug when uploading large files via forms builder
- Search API can now span across model related fields
- Ratings can be edited by authenticated users
- Select widgets in the admin now use jQuery chosen plugin:
- Page subclasses can provide their own template names via "get_template_name" method
- Pillow now explicitly installed as a dependency

I've also pushed out Cartridge 0.9.3 which has a small set of features and fixes:

- Fixed PDF dependencies (replaced pisa with xhtml2pdf)
- Products now searchable by SKU
- New settings for toggling upsell/related products
- Customers or staff can now have receipt emails resent

That's it! A massive thanks goes out to everyone who contributed features, fixes, and support on the mailing list. Mezzanine has never been this good, and it's all thanks to you.

Stephen McDonald