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Re: [meetup-api] Re: How Can I: Determine No Shows? (And more)

Steven Mar 1, 2012 2:16 PM
Posted in group: Meetup API
Members can see their attendance history from their profile (links at the very bottom).
You (generic you) shouldn't be able to see the attendance history for our "No Host" person.

However when I log in as that pseudonym I do see history... including no shows that were assigned by the admin(s).

We have been taking a different approach. Unfortunately it is extremely painful to drill down into that no-show informaton, so we are giving "no show" members custom titles with "@" in the name to indicate a no show.

And I have built a customer API tool to inspect our past and future events for "scoundrels".

On Thursday, March 1, 2012 8:27:09 AM UTC-8, Joe Lippeatt wrote:
I got to thinking, can this API allow users to see their own no shows?   So if the member=self, useful data would return even if the person isn't an organizer.  

Would be much easier to point people to a URL in our web site rather than having to reply manually to 50 "I never no show, prove it!" emails.  :)