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Re: [Midnight Commander] #2737: modarin256: a new 256-color skin for mc

Ticket System Mar 3, 2012 3:41 AM
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#2737: modarin256: a new 256-color skin for mc
    Reporter:  bloody       |                Owner:
        Type:  enhancement  |               Status:  new
    Priority:  minor        |            Milestone:  Future Releases
   Component:  mc-skin      |              Version:  master
  Resolution:               |             Keywords:  256 color skins
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Comment (by bloody):

 Maybe you're right, it might be too much fuzz afterall. Even with 256
 colours i found it pretty hard to find colors in that 256er standard
 palette which were really what i wanted. Lots of grayscale values, but the
 other colors are still few, especially dark colors are missing. If one
 wants a dark background, there's virtually only gray available, maybe the
 darkest blue (but with red & green all zero), and that's it, all other
 colors are too bright for use as 'dark' background color.

 However, i doubt that there will be hundreds of new mc skins coming up
 just because 256 colors are now available. I got my skin now, and i'm
 happy with it. May the developers decide what to do about the skin and/or
 the points we discussed above. I've just supplyed what i've got. I'm not
 even a graphics artist, i'm totally untalented when it comes to graphics &
 design, but i felt it was necessary given the choice of default skins for
 my favorite file manager. My dream feature for the future would be an MC
 version which utilizes GTK widgets, if available... :P

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