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Android Maven Plugin 3.6.0 released!

Manfred Moser (simpligility) May 23, 2013 9:35 AM
Posted in group: Maven Android Developers
The Android Maven Plugin team is pleased to announce the release of version 3.6.0 of the plugin.

This is another LARGE release with new support for the latest Android SDK Version 22.0 released last week at Google IO as well as a number of new features and bug fixes:

CI builds are now running on Travis CI so you can check out the setup files for it to see how you can potentially do the same.. 

New features/bug fixes are
  • Fix forMac OS X Proguard usage bug
  • Added the parameter reportSuffix to UIAutomator goal
  • Added unlockEmulator to unlock the emulator during emulator-start
  • Added support for MonkeyRunner? execution
  • Support for SDK 22 directory structure
  • Updated builder library version to 0.4
  • CI server build via Travis CI for plugin and samples
  • --non-constant-id for generating R for APKLIBs
  • removed --debug-mode flag for aapt since it is no longer available in SDK 22
  • Support manifest merger with Android SDK R22
  • Upgraded AndroidSdk? to use path and platform utilities from sdklib
  • Exclude all except jar dependcies from proguard -injar parameters
  • Support uses sdk tag in manifest updates
  • Support for multiple source folders in APK Lib
  • Upgraded screenshot library to 1.9 to use keep ddmlib version in sync
  • Change manifest merge to use classpath dependency to sdk 22 jar directly rather than loading from SDK and using reflection
When upgrading please ensure to check the change log for further details:

We would like to thank the contributors to this release for their valuable help and invite you all to help us out as well:

Specifically for this release we would like to thank the following contributors for their awesome work.
Documentation, issue tracker and more can be found on the plugin website at

For a primer to use the plugin check out the Android Development chapter in Maven: The Complete Reference

Please join the Maven Android Mailing List for relevant discussions:


Manfred Moser