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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Maven Alfresco Lifecycle 3.9.1 released

Gabriele Columbro Apr 6, 2012 11:44 PM
Posted in group: Maven Alfresco Lifecycle Discussion Group

The Maven Alfresco Lifecycle Development team is proud to announce that Maven Alfresco Lifecycle 3.9.1 release is out and available on the Maven Alfresco Repository at

Tested against Alfresco Community 4.0b, It includes numerous bug-fixes and new features, like support for H2 embedded run and Share AMP overlays support.

For usage please refer to the available documentation on the Alfresco Wiki:

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For full release notes and docs for each sub-component, please instead refer to the new version of the Maven documentation site (using the shiny new Maven Fluido Skin):

~~~o0 Docs and Release notes 0o~~~
Maven Alfresco Lifecycle 3.9.1:
Maven Alfresco Lifecycle 3.9.1 (Release Notes):

Maven Alfresco Extension Archetype 3.9.1:
Maven Alfresco Extension Archetype 3.9.1 (Release Notes):

Maven Alfresco AMP Archetype 3.9.1:
Maven Alfresco AMP Archetype 3.9.1 (Release Notes):

Maven Afresco Share Extension Archetype 3.9.1:
Maven Afresco Share Extension Archetype 3.9.1 (Release Notes):

Maven Alfresco Share Module Archetype 3.9.1:

Maven AMP Plugin 3.0.4:
Maven AMP Plugin 3.0.4 (Release Notes):

Maven NoSnapshot Plugin 0.0.8:
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For questions, issues and contributions, join the Google Code project at or the Google Groups at

More exciting releases coming soon, but for now have fun with this one!

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