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Re: [MauiMakers] [HI-CAP][Maui Makers] A remote control project Apr 9, 2012 1:24 AM
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Thank you, Brian, for the comments.
I don't think that it would be too difficult to provide that feedback to the operator. On the actual equipment (backhoe, etc.) you've got output trying to places parts in specific positions plus input (feedback) indicating the actual resultant positions. That feedback goes back to the controller (the "toy" version of the equipment) which has motors to provide the force feedback. It might take a bunch or prototyping and trial-and-error, plus an expert or two on feedback systems, but I don't see it as an insurmountable problem.
I don't see the need for noise as an extra feedback mechanism, since the operator would be near enough to see and hear the actual equipment.
- Roger
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Roger, great idea.  Reichart, cool game and your points are the crux of the issue.  Having grown up on John Deere front end loaders and backhoes and using various excavators etc.  it came easy but there was a learning curve.  The feedback that Reichart mentions is key and that is conveyed through hydraulic valves bodies.  If you could indicate resistance, as the hydraulics do, to the operator (along with noise sometimes) so as not to break stuff then that would be of value especially to the rental market.  Skid steered bobcats are another thing that would be improved upon but excavators (especially with thumb), back hoes and front end loaders would be the big beneficiaries.