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Re: [MauiMakers] Calling math physics gurus... building a standing barrel wave with LEDs

cole Sep 28, 2012 2:47 AM
Posted in group: MauiMakers

Ive surfed a couple standing waves in oahu and minnesota.

On Sep 27, 2012 8:05 PM, "Jerry Isdale" <> wrote:
Thought here at Makers tonight...
Ryan has a project in hiatus: a laminar flow water table with LEDs injecting light in the nozzles, as the water reaches other end of the table, it hits a properly designed ramp that causes the water to curve into a perfect barrel wave.  The laminar flow of water works almost like fiber optics, keeping the light inside water until it hits an obstacle.   Add a finger sized surfboard and PLAY!

the guy who originally motivated Ryan to get many of the parts and get started has lost interest and gone away.
I think it sounds like an awesome demonstration of many things Maui.
Ryan needs some help to get it going again. ... like what is the proper shape of the table to create the standing wave.
If he can get some help with that, I'll get the color leds programmed to dance and rock.

Could we get it built for the Jan 22 Open House?

Jerry Isdale