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Torben Jul 25, 2012 3:31 AM
Posted in group: Manchester Mini Maker Faire UK
Thanks both.....



On 25 Jul 2012, at 10:41, "John Beckerson (Senior Curator, MOSI)" <> wrote:

Hi Torben

Cat's onto it and we will get a list up


On Wednesday, July 25, 2012 7:59:11 AM UTC+1, Torben wrote:
This is a very impressive list when seen compacted  like this…..

I wonder if a version should appear on the website (the layout information isn't necessary - just the list of makers coming) and Facebook?


On 24 Jul 2012, at 22:23, Andrew Dutton wrote:

Thanks Alan.

Apologies all for the lack of clarity on layout, we've all been so busy that we've not had chance put a readable layout plan for all to see together, it's been in various CAD formats, photocopies and post-it notes!  Still not pretty or perfect but should give everybody located in the 1830's a good idea.

See below for the table to go with the image on the last post.

1 London Hackspace
2 HAC:Man
3 3-Ton Maker Collective
4 Weird Materials and Weird Technology
5 Underwater ROV and Robotic Fish
6 Cycle Pong -
7 Fraser harp (framed laser harp) & friends
8 Creative Recycling Workshops
9 BMFA "Build a Model Aircraft"
10 Mike's Mirco Gadgets
11 Paper Making (title TBD)
12 Atelier
13 RepRap - self-replicating 3D printers
14 Mechanical components of a mechanical universe
15 BuildBrighton
16 Nottingham Hackspace
17 DIY 3D Printers
18 Aura Communications
19 LizzyAstro - hand made textile projects
20 Light of Tree
21 Addelman Steam Collection
22 Pedal Cycle Sound System
23 Mt. Arduino
24 tonefloat
25 Rubbish Revamped
26 Arduino Mask Mirror
27 Manchester Girl Geeks Show&Tell
28 The Chandelier of Lost Earrings
29 The Manchester Game Jam
30 frog chorus
31 The Decline of the Manchester Textile Industry. Interactive response from the MIDCONVERSATION Artist Collective.
32 Saddleworth Vintage & Handmade
33 The Augmented Tonoscope
34 DoES Liverpool

36 3d geometrical construction game 
37 HVPD Ltd introduction to high voltage engineering and the phenomena of partial discharge (PD) and the science of travelling waves. 
38 CozyBot
39 I make models of people's houses, shops, pubs - and any building
40 Manchester Jewellers Network
41 Towards the beat of a different drummer : DIY and lo-fi electronics in live performance
42 Simple Waterbear Arduino Robot Programming
43 Mannequin Maggie
44 All about the Beads
45 The Internet Enabled Fishtank
46 Manchester Inventors' Group
47 Bolton Tech
48 MOSI tech services
49 Molly Cool
50 B&Q trafford park

52 U of Salford physics student
53 3 = Hassellharbour bridge, Gauge O Guild, Alager Railway Association
54 MOSI learning team

56 Dry stone walling

58 Manc Art Gallery 
59 Manchester WI/ In Stitches

61 Open Hardware Polargraph Drawing Robots
62 Raspberry Pi and Piface
63 Junkcraft Books

65 3D Revolution
66 Walking and other Robots


On 24 July 2012 13:54, alan tolfrey <> wrote:
Andrew - many thanks for the information - I wasn't particularly asking just for myself - I'm happy to fit in wherever there's a wall to back on to! And judging from the proportions on your cad diagram, the orange spaces are 2m deep and 3m deep - so plenty of breathing space for all of us!
I wonder if the other exhibitors might now ask where they are? If that's the case, apologies for tne extra work in providing a list!
Unless anyone else wants to visit before Friday, I'll be fine to sort out then, though I might just try and make it for around lunchtime.

On 24 July 2012 13:31, Andrew Dutton <> wrote:
Our CAD diagram (attached) looks a bit ropey at the moment, not really legible except to those of us who have arranged it! You are number 39. Each orange square is approx 2x3m. wont be quite so squished on the day. The stair case and lifts your near are the ones visitors will come up. 

Let us know if you'd like to visit the space before Friday, should be able to arrange someone from MOSI to take you up there.


On Tuesday, July 24, 2012 10:49:13 AM UTC+1, Mossley Modelmaker wrote:
Just wondering what news there is about the layout for this weekend?
Seen the pictures - looks an amazing exhibition area! Did wonder about trying to come and have a closer look as ideally I need a level floor space, but hey-ho - I'll bring some extra supports, (got my own table) some mats to put under the legs on my display table and my usual ball of string and reels of low tack masking tape! And hoping to set up on Friday after lunch.

On Friday, July 6, 2012 10:46:45 PM UTC+1, Andrew Dutton wrote:
Hi Guys

We're just finalising layout, we're let you know as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience!

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