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nop head Jul 17, 2012 8:17 AM
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On 17 July 2012 16:10, Torben <> wrote:
Hi there,

The response from MOSI is:
Yes, the building has a normal provision of fire extinguishers but if he
perceives an enhanced fire risk we need to know asap as the building is
made of wood!

I assume, though, that you are simply thinking through all eventualities as a part of your Risk Assessment? And this includes the (very remote) risk of an electrical fire?

Yes exactly that, here is the quote from my risk assessment:
As with all mains electrical appliances there is a very small but finite risk of fire so there needs to be fire extinguishers suitable for electrical fires to be present in the hall.
And in the actions section:
Check there are suitable fire extinguishers on site.

Which is why I asked.

Thanks, Chris 



On Monday, 16 July 2012 09:58:14 UTC+1, nop head wrote:
Am I correct in thinking that there will be fire extinguishers suitable for electrical fires in the exhibition halls?

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