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Re: Embedded Electronics Classes/Kits for Ingenuity

Joe Logan Aug 30, 2012 7:18 AM
Posted in group: Makers' Alliance
The drawdio is a tone generator that makes noises as the user draws on paper using a pencil. I have not built or used one before, but there are numerous videos up on youtube that provide a good demonstration of what it is and what it does. I am all for doing more complicated and original kits and projects, but I feel like the time limit until ingenuity fest means that we should really be looking for a low risk, proven project such as this.

Benefits of the drawdio:
-excellent instructions already available on the internet
-open source schematic and PCB artwork in Eagle format
-involves both audio (noise from speaker) and visual arts (drawing)
-highly obnoxious
-proven, low risk design
-inexpensive BOM (few bucks each in volume)
-easy to construct for soldering newbies (all thru hole components)
-entertaining for adults/children/inebriated adults alike

I put together a BOM with digikey and mouser part numbers, quantities, and estimated per-component prices assuming medium volume (~200), which is attached to this email. In order to purchase PCBs, someone will have to download the Eagle board file, install the free version of Eagle, and cut gerber files. I work with Malaysian PCB houses that can do either a 1 or 2 week turn with 2-day delivery.

An additional note - I forgot to include a AAA battery on the BOM.

On Wednesday, August 29, 2012 3:29:02 PM UTC-4, Sam Harmon wrote:
Ok, here is my "mostly readymade" submission of a plan for the Ingenuity kits:

This plan gets us:
A- a really quick & easy to put together thing that is cheap ($1.50 each in quantity, can sell for $2-$3, or just in exchange for a donation or something)
B- An "Arduino Enough" thing that hopefully keeps us in the spirit and close enough to the letter of what we're supposed to be doing. If no one buys them, we'll have a bunch of extra Arduinos to do workshops and crazy stuff with in the future…
Also: If people really want a morse code blinky thing: - which will blink the Diavolino's built-in LED.
C- Some additional tools so people can put these together about a dozen at a time...

Learn to Solder Skill Badge Kit
250 for $375 (+ $5 shipping), ships in 1-2 business days from California (time to receive  1 week-10 days?)


EMSL Diavolino (w/6&8pin header set)
75@12.50 w/headers & 3AA battery holder ($937.50)

Adafruit FTDI Friend - Not really for us to sell, just so we can program the Diavolinos a few at a time, and maybe cope with one or two walking off...
10@$15 each ($150)

TOTAL FROM EMSL=$1087.50 (Free Shipping over $75, time to receive 1 week-10 days?)

Stahl Tools SSVT Soldering Station (we already have 6 of these already)
6@$15.98  = $95.88
60/40 solder, 1 lb
2@$23.49 = 46.98
Tip cleaner
TOTAL FROM PARTS EXPRESS: $162.69  (7.5% Ohio sales tax, free shipping, total time to receive 1-2 business days)

TOTAL COST: $1630.19, leaving us with about $170 for incidentals (AA batteries for the Diavolinos?, more tools? anything else?)

That's my thought, anyway.