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Club phone system

Joe ODonnell Sep 24, 2012 5:01 PM
Posted in group: Makers' Alliance
I setup a freeswitch pbx on and connected it to a free incoming Washington state number:

At the moment it's set up to say a few snarky things and hang up. It can also function as a softphone switching station. If you install a softphone you can connect as any extension between 1001-1019 with password 1234, and than call other extensions. My softphone is currently extension 1000, but I'm about to go out for an hour or so. Here are some additional extensions:

5000 - demo IVR (not fully functional with free number yet)
9195 - five second delay echo test
9196 - standard echo test
9197 - milliwatt extension
9198 - tetris extension for demo TGML generation
9664 - music on hold (requires music files to be installed)

Softphones: -windows (or apt-get install twinkle) -win,lin,apple

This server also hosts an online CAD system. It requires a newer browser like Google Chrome and a newer 3D card to work: