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Re: [makersalliance] CNC machine progress

Joe ODonnell Sep 26, 2012 7:54 AM
Posted in group: Makers' Alliance
Congrats and thanks for this huge step in our fabricating ability.

 I suggest we use the 4 axis controller board in a new project to turn the laser cutter into a laser cutter/powder sinter machine. The new board would be used to control the dust deployment mechanism:

--- On Wed, 9/26/12, Sam Harmon <> wrote:

> From: Sam Harmon <>
> Subject: Re: [makersalliance] CNC machine progress
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> Date: Wednesday, September 26, 2012, 1:45 AM
> Thanks to Tesla Orchestra's John Kasunich (who is a sometime
> EMC2 dev), we managed to get a stepper motor to move a bit!
> Part of the problem was that we were using the wrong
> hardware address for the parallel port card(should be
> 0xecf8- oops!). The rest was the odd quadrature encoding
> stuff.
> If you're around and want to look at it, the file with what
> we did can be found on the CNC computer in
> ~/emc2/configs/StartingToWork. There's only a .hal
> file  in there now.  John suggested using stepconf
> to get a partial configuration going, and then merging in
> the changes from what we did and tweaking from there.
> I also tried the Taig collet nut and that did in fact fit
> the spindle, so we have a little tooling once we get motion
> completely working!
> Now, what should we do with the Chinese 4-axis controller I
> ordered? I'm open to suggestions...
> Sam
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