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Joe Gorse Sep 17, 2012 8:36 AM
Posted in group: Makers' Alliance
Wine list is up. Let me know what to put you down for! I will definitely be going in on some of the Pinot Noir.


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From: Michael Caldwell <>
Date: Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 11:32 AM
Subject: Wine Prices

Here are the wine prices for this year.  We are still looking at getting a Malbec too but don't know for sure at this time.

Notice on the Cab, this is only an average grape, the real good ones we usually get will not be coming in for maybe another month.  So I would hold off on a cab for right now.

Not all these grapes will be available this coming weekend, but will be coming in over the next month or so.  We would like to make all of them but we will need to have at least the equivalent of 25-30 gallons to make it practical.  You don't need to order that much but we need to get enough orders to make that much.  For example, I know some of [the Makers at LaunchHouse] want to make a Pinot Noir and so do I, so between us hopefully we can hit that number.

So tell me what you want to make and how much of each.  I should be able to let you know what grapes we will be crushing this weekend in the next day or two so you can get your order in for this first batch.


Grape PRICE/5GAL Price/Bottle
Old Vine Zin $188 $7.84
Zin $185 $7.69
Merlot $162 $6.75
Cab (avg) $177 $7.38
Sangiovese $170 $7.06
Pinot Noir $170 $7.06
Syrah $158 $6.59
Petit Sirah $166 $6.91
Voingier $166 $6.91
Chardonnay $155 $6.44
French Columbard $140 $5.81
Muscat $143 $5.97
Sauvignon Blanc $155 $6.44
Riesling (juice) $108 $4.50

Mike Caldwell

Joe Gorse