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Re: [makersalliance] New low-cost embedded Cortex-A8 board: Cubieboard

Joe ODonnell Sep 10, 2012 10:26 AM
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 I found it listed somewhere for $50. It's specs are about double the $25 Raspberry pi. When the 80 Mhz Stellaris is released, it may be capable of running a stripped down Linux with the addition of an sdcard and/or fram chip, for about $10 or less in parts.

 If any one knows how to connect usb devices to android phones, it would be most fortuitous if you showed up tomorrow, because I am working on connecting a droid phone to a usb motor controller. You will be rewarded with beer, a wonderful sense of having aided society and the priceless company of hackers.

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"How much will it cost?

An ARM and a leg?!"

And thus began the Pun War of 2012.

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