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Oct 2nd MAXNC Status and Video

Joe Gorse Oct 3, 2012 5:39 AM
Posted in group: Makers' Alliance
Status: Working with intermittent x-axis dropout.

What was done:
We have a config titled maxnc-t2-jhg that is mapped correctly for XYZ. The 4th axis, A, was mapped LINEAR though it is really rotational, though I have not learned the HAL and INI configuration necessary for a rotational axis. Order of operations is important, since the rotational axis is a coordinate system transform. Pretty sure it is the 4th coordinate transform.

I ran the demo after learning how to home the axes. The x-axis had intermittent dropout issues.

Here is a video of operation:

Open tasks:
  • Troubleshoot x-axis dropout
    • Controller/driver/motor test1: swap header connector with another axis, like Y
    • This may be due to the HAL file's reference to "xenable" signal
  • Finish writing the INI and HAL files for our specific setup
    • Remove dead code from former lathe program
    • Map HAL pins (pointers to signals) to the appropriate parallel port pins
    • Tune the control loops based on max jitter timing of parallel port on EMC computer and motor controller characteristics
  • Calibration
    • For the example 0.86" tall centerline engraving, I measured 0.93" using an 0.125" bit. So it should be 0.86+0.125=0.99", which means that we are close but a little undersized at the moment. Note: This may be due to the lack of tuning between the computer host and the motor drivers (parallel port speeds, jitter, loops, etc). 
  • A-axis from LINEAR to rotational configuration
    • Requires changes in INI and HAL file
    • Integrator help file seems to be useful for this
Joe Gorse